Solemn Eucharist returns to St George’s

For some years now, St George’s has offered a variety of worship. Our Solemn Eucharist was once a part of this variety.

Solemn Eucharists are from the Anglo-Catholic wing of the church and incense is used at these services. At a recent meeting of the Liturgy Group it was agreed to re-introduce these for a trial period, and our PCC agreed.

Our first date will be the Feast of St Thomas, Tuesday 3 July, and the second will be the Feast of St Matthew, Friday, 21 September. Both services will be at 7pm.

As at all our services, everyone is welcome – and there will be wine or fruit juice to share together after the service. If you’ve not experienced this form of worship before, why not come and find out about it? And if you have been along in the past we look forward to seeing you again.