Prayer for the month

For November, and with a new national lockdown beginning, perhaps bringing despair to some and giving us ever stronger cause to hold our neighbours in our hearts, Lucy has chosen ‘Prayer for Pilgrims’, by Sheila Cassidy, which Grace Bryers recently shared with our prayer group.

Almighty God and Father of us all,
Have mercy on this troubled world of ours.
We are pilgrim people, made from clay,
Captives of our own greed and frailty,
And yet…

We are the work of your hands,
You have made us in your own image
And we bear within us your Spirit of life,
The seeds of immortality.

Give us, we pray, a stronger faith,
So that we may walk joyously into the unknown,
An unshakable hope,
So that we may comfort the despairing,
And a love as vast as all the oceans,
So that we may hold all mankind in our hearts.

All-powerful God,
Look in your love upon us, your pilgrim people,
As we struggle towards you.
Be our food for the journey,
Our wine for rejoicing,
Our light in the darkness,
And our welcome at the journey’s end.