Kendal Day of Prayer this Weekend

This coming weekend (28-29 November) churches from Kendal and the surrounding area are joining together for 24 hours of prayer. We do hope you can join us!

The ‘day’ starts at 10am on Saturday running through to 10am on Sunday.

The idea is that we pray together for Kendal and the surrounding district, to see God’s kingdom increase in our churches and communities. We hope the people will spend some extra time praying during that period depending on where they are in their prayer journey eg. someone who struggles to pray for a prolonged time may take one prayer time in the day but someone who is more experienced with prayer may choose to pray 3-4 times in that 24 hours. If you want to pray more that would be amazing!

The main themes of the day are preparation, expectation and waiting. They have provided some resources to help you join in:

You can find lots of prayer resources on the website here: