You are welcome to come into our church to pray at any time during daylight hours, and visit our Chapel for private prayer. The Chapel is situated at the end of the corridor to the right when you come in at the front of church. A Prayer Station is available for reflection.

Christians often find it helpful to use their different senses to draw closer to God in stillness and quiet.

For example:

  • listening to a CD of birdsong, the rustling wind or the sea may remind them of God’s beautiful creation.
  • tasting honey may remind them of the sweetness of our loving God.
  • holding a rough stone may remind them of the hard times they may have experienced. They may ask God to help them make sense of those experiences
  • the smell of incense may remind them of their prayers rising to heaven.
  • looking at the light of a candle may remind them of Jesus, the Light of the World.

There will always be something like this in the Chapel, with some words to help you use it in reflection and prayer. Come and see, smell, touch, hear or taste!

A Prayer in a Time of Uncertainty

Dear God, your love for us is unchangeable.
You have welcomed each of us into the family of your Church;
and call us to be Christ’s Body in this place.

Send down your Holy Spirit upon us
at this time of uncertainty and change,
and guide with your heavenly wisdom
those who will discern the way ahead.


A prayer for snowdrop time…

For the cycle of life
which brings death and rebirth
We rejoice in the promise of Spring

For lengthening days
and sunlight’s warmth upon the soil
We rejoice in the promise of Spring

For a snowdrop’s beauty
reflecting its Creator’s artistry
We rejoice in the promise of Spring

For new born lambs
their joy and exuberance
We rejoice in the promise of Spring

For all of creation
and the majesty of its Creator
We rejoice in the promise of Spring

Copyright © John Birch