Worship & Services

At St George’s we try to be welcoming without being overwhelming. We want people to feel they can join an existing group or just come to worship on a Sunday. We are open-minded and exploring in our Christianity. We have members from a great range of church backgrounds – high Anglican to evangelical. This is why there is a mix of worship styles within the one Eucharist. This is our current pattern of services at St George’s (following full COVID-19 protocols, naturally) when the church is allowed to open:

  • First and Third Sunday of each month at 10am: Holy Communion
  • Second and Fourth Sunday of each month at 10am: Service of the Word
  • On Fifth Sundays there is usually a Team Service, which may be taking place at any of the churches in the Beacon Team. Please contact admin@beaconteam.org.uk for details.

While many people are not ready to return to the services that are taking place, we are publishing resources for private worship, or worship shared over the internet with others, on this page. One-off prayer and worship events will be published in the News section of our website and on our Facebook page.

Beacon Team Email Sunday Service
A special order of service for Sunday Worship for worship on your own at home, this includes the readings in full, a short homily and an opening and closing hymn to sing or say – that’s up to you.

Please email us if you’d like us to send you the order of service every week. You can find the latest service sheet on our News page here.

Beacon Team Services on YouTube
Each new Beacon Team service is now being posted on our YouTube channel, too, so you can enjoy a weekly worship service – at any time to suit you – there.

Beacon Team Services on Zoom

We are always delighted to welcome newcomers to our online services on Sunday and through the week. If you would like to join in, please email admin@beaconteam.org.uk and we’ll send you the link.

Faith Online
If you know anyone who would like to hear some worship from St George’s every week but doesn’t have the internet and is unable to join us in church, we have now signed up for Faith Online. This is updated every week and contains recordings of services and members of the congregation reading prayers and other materials. All people need to do to hear it is call 01539 310125. Thank you for spreading the word!

Resources for Family Worship
A special list of ‘At Home All-Age Resources for Families and faith’ has been compiled for the Diocesan Board of Education. They include:

  • Bible stories on an app
  • faith at home in times of Coronavirus, and
  • live-streamed worship for everyone.

Click here to access them.

Pray as You Go
Each day a short piece of music, a lesson, a homily and a prayer are published by this website. It lasts about ten minutes. You can download the whole week as a zipped mp3 file to play on your phone, in the car or wherever you are usually able to listen to music or podcasts.


Hymn of the Day
This page chooses a hymn every day, displayed like a page in the hymn book, and you just press play to get the music to sing along to. Lots of hymns to choose from if you’d rather choose your own.


Regular Services (from April 2021)



9.30am Holy Communion (1st and 3rd Sundays)

9.30am Morning Prayer (2nd and 4th Sundays)

8.30am Morning Prayer


2pm Pause for Prayer for St George’s – 30 minutes of prayer for the current needs of our church and our local community


7.45pm Sacred Space - 40mins of meditative time together (first Thursday of every month) Click here for more information

Services of Healing or other special services are held from time to time. When there is a fifth Sunday in the month, there is also a combined service with other churches in the area. Check our Events section for details.