Prayer for today

Lucy who selects our prayer each week, also often writes the intercessions for St George’s. This week she has written her own prayers as we face the 7th Sunday since communal worship ceased.

Lord, you are a light in the deepest dark
Walk with us down this unknown road
Walk beside us when no one else can.
We give thanks that you have a purpose for us all
And for the world.

Lord, so often we ask ‘why’?
Help our hearts to accept what our minds cannot explain.
As your disciples and Mary stood disbelieving and confused
Before an empty tomb
So we too sometimes struggle to see your hand
In our troubled and hurting world.

Lord, have mercy on the sick, the dying and the bereaved
Grant compassion, skill and wisdom
To all who care for them, in body, mind and spirit.
And we celebrate and give thanks
For all returned to health in recent days and weeks.

Merciful Father, pour out your Spirit
Upon us, your people
That we may become beacons of light and life
In a despairing and fearful world.