Beacon Team worship on Zoom

UPDATED 1 FEBRUARY 2021 The schedule for regular Beacon Team Zoom worship from February until Easter (the beginning of April) will be: Sunday at 4pm: Holy Communion Monday at 8.30pm: Celtic Evening Prayer Wednesday at 9.30am: Celtic Morning Prayer Friday at 8.30pm: Compline We are always delighted to welcome anyone to our online services on … [Read more…]

Services on Christmas Day

This year, as usual, there will be a 10am Communion service at St George’s, and we would love to see you there if you are able. Our churchwardens will be keeping as all safe, as they have done throughout the year. If you prefer a service that starts on Christmas Eve and goes through midnight, … [Read more…]

Latest link letter from Ruth

We’ve just had our Christmas ‘link letter’ from St George’s Mission Partner, Ruth Radley, who works as a Chaplain at Birmingham Children’s Hospital. She’s written and recorded a story – ‘The Virus who Tried to Steal Christmas’ – which is now on the BCH website, beautifully illustrated. It celebrates the work of some of the … [Read more…]

The Beacon Team is hiring!

In the New Year, the Beacon Team will be looking for a new part-time administrator/coordinator, someone who combines a desire to help the Kingdom of God grow in our parishes with the admin and planning skills to support the Priest in Charge and the Ministry Team. The deadline for receipt of applications is midnight on … [Read more…]