Beacon Team Bible Group

Bible: the Love Story

Through Lent an average of 15 members from four of the Beacon Team churches met each week to follow through our lent Bible group,  the Bible: the Love Story between God and his people. It was an exhilarating journey from Genesis to Revelation. One session had to be cancelled because of the snowy weather but we just about managed to get to the end. We began with God’s dealings with Adam and Eve, Noah and Abraham, then saw how he established and led his chosen people, the children of Israel. Through their history and the prophets we witnessed their disobedience and rebellion and God’s enduring faithfulness. Finally, through Jesus, his love and grace has been made known to all the earth and a relationship with God as Father is now available to all who believe.

Continuing the story

After such lively meetings where we could learn (and laugh) together as we read God’s word and shared our thoughts, it seemed a shame to stop. So, we agreed to meet monthly from May through to November and look at some of the shorter letters from the New Testament.

There will be 2 meetings a month 7.15 in the Chapel at St George’s on the 1st Wednesday and 2nd Thursday. Choose one or the other; if you want to come on a Wednesday and then find you have to miss one it’s OK to come to the Thursday group that month, and vice versa.

The first dates are Wed 2nd May and Thurs 10th May and we shall begin with Paul’s Letter to Philippians.

A full list of dates will be available soon.