Sunday Club

Sunday club is for young children. It’s a monthly get together for church family children and their friends.

We meet in the Radley room at ten o’clock on the first Sunday each month. Activities and songs are planned around a Christian theme. So far we have been Making friends, Belonging, Sharing and Helping.

An activity welcomes the children as they arrive. We have decorated hand shapes for a friendship circle, thumb printed a belonging book, made bread rolls and built boats out of cardboard boxes. The activities always illustrate Bible stories. The week we dressed as fishermen and sat in home made boats was memorable.

We learn songs which we accompany with instruments. We have quizzes and games as well as a short Bible story and prayer.

Andrew, Diane, Julie, Margaret and Ruth plan and lead the sessions. At the moment our ages range from two to eight. We look forward to welcoming more young children to Sunday Club.